Commitment that shows.

Res ipsa loquitur. Literally translated as “the thing itself speaks,” the ancient Latin term, first used by Roman lawyer and philosopher Cicero in 52 BC, may be more commonly translated as “the evidence speaks for itself.” The doctrine rings true even today and lends its name to our firm and unwavering philosophy:

Res Ipsa’s work speaks for itself, with commitment to our clients’ success that produces winning results.

Proven results.
Prior to consulting for the legal community, our team honed their skills and process models through many years and deep experience in the information technology and strategic consulting worlds. Since 2002, Res Ipsa has been focused exclusively in the legal arena, consistently delivering superior consulting services that help litigators win. We have participated in hundreds of trials, from voir dire to verdict, and have been on the winning team more than 90% of the time. And we have helped our clients win over $151 billion in verdicts, judgments, and settlements. We’re very proud of our work, which truly speaks for itself.


Support from start to finish.
Res Ipsa offers our extensive expertise throughout the litigation lifecycle, from beginning to end. When engaged early on in a case, we often uncover strengths and potential pitfalls that help direct ongoing discovery. We employ the most current behavioral and psychological sciences research to help our clients understand how human nature and actions may impact their case. We help construct powerful narratives that influence the decision-making processes of a jury. And we are experts at managing every technical detail within today’s courtroom.

Complete consulting services.
Our broad experience in the courtroom combined with our extensive knowledge of information technology and strategic consulting allows Res Ipsa to offer our clients a full portfolio of services, including case strategy, trial strategy, focus group research, mock trials, jury selection, witness preparation, video
depositions and documentaries, in-trial technology support, multimedia visual presentations and demonstrative evidence development.

Growing through excellence.
Res Ipsa partners with law firms both large and small to meet the unique and varied challenges inherent in litigating cases, throughout Texas and across the U.S. It’s work that continues to inspire us to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our expanding client base has been established primarily through
word-of-mouth referrals and our notable reputation for excellence. We hope you will join us and see what we can do for you today.

Res Ipsa is a Limited Liability Corporation based in Austin, Texas.



“Two years ago if you would have asked me if I think focus groups work, I would have said no. After hiring Res Ipsa to conduct focus group work on X recent cases, it’s fair to say that I’m hooked. Res Ipsa has consistently detected the unknown variable in their research, which has helped us come up with a case strategy that helps us win.”- Jon Bailey, The Bailey Law Firm
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Res Ipsa MethodStep by step, the unique Res Ipsa methodology uses a powerful combination of technology, behavioral and psychological sciences research plus our extensive in-trial experience to build a strategy that is supported not just by the facts, but by key insights and analytical thinking we bring to the table.