Res Ipsa has been a powerful advantage for us in trial. In one year our firm achieved over $97,000,000 in verdicts from juries in 5 cases. Res Ipsa was a critical part of our trial team in each and every case.

Craig Sico, Sico, White, Hoelscher, Harris & Braugh

Hire Res Ipsa if you want it done right. I have worked with Res Ipsa for over 10 years and I wouldn't use anyone else. First of all, they are committed to their law firm clients to get the job done, get it done right, and get it done on time. In my experience, they are extremely reliable and will go to whatever lengths necessary to live up to their clients' expectations, whether it’s traveling across the country or working late into the night. Second, they use state of the art technology in both equipment and software and they know what they're doing. And finally, their rates are exceedingly fair. I've seen what others charge for far less quality work and service, and these guys do a superior job for a fair price. If you want it done well and you want it done right, you can't miss by using Res Ipsa.

Scott Hendler, Hendler Law PC

I have never seen anybody better than Res Ipsa at creating a new exhibit for me on the fly in the courtroom. Their expertise makes my job a lot easier.

Tom Watkins, Husch Blackwell

Res Ipsa provides the ultimate trial support and they never disappoint. It is no exaggeration to say I will never to go to trial again without Res Ipsa.

Laurie Higginbotham, Whitehurst, Harkness, Brees, Cheng, Alsaffar & Higginbotham, PLLC

A trial lawyer’s ability to think on his (or her) feet is worthless if the professionals around him can’t do the same. Because of their experience, patience and intelligence, the Res Ipsa team helps me to stay in charge of the courtroom and to quickly react.

John Flood, Flood & Flood

Res Ipsa has more experience in trial than most lawyers I know—which has proven to be an invaluable asset during trial. They are the absolute best at what they do.

Jeff Befort, Befort Law Firm, PC

Res Ipsa is one of those critical partners that can simultaneously think strategically and execute the smallest of details required to get the job done right and on time. Their trial experience is deep and their video talent is broad, making them an ideal partner for our law firm.

Craig Carlson, The Carlson Law Firm

I have been fortunate enough to achieve in excess of $100 million in jury verdicts for my clients. Res Ipsa was in the courtroom with me every time.

Jason Hoelscher, Sico, White, Hoelscher, Harris & Braugh

Years ago, Gerry Spence advised a group of lawyers that, ‘Whoever tells the best story at the courthouse wins.’ I was in that group, and Gerry's counsel changed my practice, and my understanding of the trial lawyer as an advocate. It was a relief to learn that a video/technical firm exists that understands ‘the art of the story,’ as well. Whether video settlement brochures, deposition edits, or seamless tech support in trial, I have come to rely on Res Ipsa to tell the story of my most important cases, including one notably that resulted in a ten-figure settlement.

J.K. Ivey, Davis Law Firm

Res Ipsa is a fantastic ally in our litigated cases. They add tremendous value to our cases, not only because of the visual aspect of video and images, but because they have been in more trials than most lawyers and truly become a part of the team. They care. And the results show.

L. Todd Kelly, Carlson Law Firm

Res Ipsa has always been there for our firm, especially in time of great need. They have worked with us throughout the night until early in the morning. They work hard and fast until the project is done to our satisfaction. Res Ipsa is extremely professional, reliable and we always know that their work will always be top quality.

Jorge Herrera, The Herrera Law Firm

Not only did Res Ipsa assist me in putting together a professional closing, but offered and provided an animated depiction debunking in a graphic manner a defense expert’s (unfounded) allegations. The defense counsel came up afterward and told us how impressed they were with Res Ipsa’s work. We obtained a substantial verdict, which I attribute in a large part of the professional media that Res Ipsa provided for us.

Laura Sharp, Sharp Law Firm

Res Ipsa is our go-to company for all of our litigation and trial needs, whether it is video depositions, remote computer-to-computer depositions, Day-in-the Life’s, settlement videos, or trial evidence presentation. Res Ipsa is a critical partner for all of our litigation and trial needs all over the country. Res Ipsa’s expertise adds value to every case in which they are involved.

Jamal Alsaffar, Whitehurst, Harkness, Brees, Cheng, Alsaffar & Higginbotham, PLLC

Years ago if you would have asked me if I thought focus groups were effective, I would have said ‘No.’ But after hiring Res Ipsa to conduct focus group work on several recent cases, it’s fair to say that I definitely see the value. Res Ipsa has consistently identified potential issues during their research work, which has helped our legal team develop a road map with various alternative strategies to use throughout discovery and up through trial. Res Ipsa has absolutely proven their worth.

Jon Bailey, The Bailey Law Firm

I have always been able to count on Res Ipsa to get things done quickly and to get them done right. Their familiarity with the unique needs of the litigation process gives them a distinct edge over other media and trial support services. They did an amazing job at a trial I had last year in Austin. It was an exceptionally tough case with messy and complicated facts. Having the documents and media prepared to use at trial was an important factor in the positive result we were able to get from that jury.

Michael Erskine, Carlson Law Firm

We don’t go to trial without Res Ipsa – they are that good!

Michael Archuleta, Archuleta Law Firm

Res Ipsa created presentations of the highest quality, resembling a Hollywood production with a first-class appeal.

Laura Tamez, The Herrera Law Firm

No matter how good you are or how prepared you are, having Res Ipsa on your team will make you that much better. In the heat of the trial it has always been comforting knowing that I have Res Ipsa on my side.

CGC Ritchie, Flores & Ritchie, LLP

I’ve used Res Ipsa exclusively for years and they have never failed me. Our results have been significantly better since we began using Res Ipsa. They add tremendous value.

Dan Christiansen, Christiansen Law Firm, PLLC

Res Ipsa has contributed tremendously to making the annual TEX-ABOTA Santa Fe CLE Roundup program an enormous success over the past few years. Their professionals accomplish extremely labor-intensive projects with efficiency, flexibility and on time, every time. Their attention to detail has not only helped me coordinate my information for our attendees, it has saved the presentations of many of our great presenters. They are so easy to work with and always manage to bring a sense of calm to our deadline-based program.

Cay Dickson, TEX-ABOTA, Inc.

Res Ipsa is our partner behind the scenes that really helps make our member seminars run smoothly for not only our participants, but our speakers. I have yet to see a technical glitch or major technical obstacle they couldn’t handle - and no matter what the circumstances are surrounding the event - we always get quality video we can re-purpose and use for educational and promotional purposes. Res Ipsa is a long-time supporter of TEX-ABOTA and a trusted partner that we depend on greatly.

Dicky Grigg, Spivey & Grigg, LLP

We have had extremely favorable results through mediation and trial verdicts in large part due to the professionalism and clear conveying of arguments which Res Ipsa supports and augments.

Joe Ruiz, Ruiz & Associates

To put it simply, Res Ipsa takes care of business. They are professional, flexible, creative, technically-amazing, and can move on a dime. Their video production capabilities earn rave reviews as I’ve worked around attorneys for a number of years and have heard positive feedback about Res Ipsa time and time again. Res Ipsa has been a solid partner of mine for dozens of events and having them at any event ensures technical and/or video issues are not something I have to worry about. Res Ipsa is a trusted partner that always has my back.

Rhonda High, Houston Trial Lawyers Association