Jury SelectionDuring jury selection, Res Ipsa closely monitors juror response and demeanor. After direct questioning of potential jurors ends, Res Ipsa consults with the attorneys to offer our professional observations, relevant scientific research and focus group findings. We also may create a questionnaire for the jury panel, based on existing jury selection research or specific research we have conducted for the attorneys’ case. Juror responses to the questionnaire are analyzed using qualitative and quantitative statistical methods.

Res Ipsa can develop voir dire questions based upon the major themes for a case derived from case documents, such as pleadings, expert reports and depositions. However, we find it most advantageous to develop voir dire questions based upon case themes and data extracted from focus group results, where the life experiences, attitudes and beliefs brought to light can serve as a solid foundation for question development.


  • “I have been fortunate enough to achieve in excess of $100 million in jury verdicts for my clients. Res Ipsa was in the courtroom with me every time. ”
    - Jason Hoelscher, Sico, White Hoelscher, Harris & Braugh