video_depoRes Ipsa provides professional videographers for videotape depositions regardless of location. With decades of legal video experience, we understand the important nuances of legal proceedings and manage the recording process with the utmost care, professionalism and reliability. Video and audio of recorded depositions must meet our and our clients’ strict standards for high quality, and our specialists deliver. Copies of recorded depositions can be furnished on a USB flash drive, DVD or any other required format.


  • “I have always been able to count on Res Ipsa to get things done quickly and to get them done right. Their familiarity with the unique needs of the litigation process gives them a distinct edge over other media and trial support services. They did an amazing job at a trial I had last year in Austin. It was an exceptionally tough case with messy and complicated facts. Having the documents and media prepared to use at trial was an important factor in the positive result we were able to get from that jury.”
    - Michael Erskine, Carlson Law Firm