Business DiscussionScientific research analyzing the jury decision-making process is well documented in both professional and academic journals. We regularly use this well-documented research in making recommendations about case strategy and presentation. But we always go beyond existing, general research to develop research specific to each case, most often conducting focus groups in the effort to gain necessary insights.

During a focus group, the plaintiff’s case is presented to a selected group of people representing a jury. We apply scientific-based measures of the group’s attitudes and responses to project how an actual jury will react at trial. Focus group results are invaluable, helping the legal team identify case themes, juror opinions favorable and hostile to plaintiff or defendant and even voir dire questions that can affect the jury selection process. Res Ipsa conducts as many focus groups as necessary to enable reliable statistical analyses from an ample number of participants. Our clients benefit from research-backed recommendations regarding evidence, witnesses, arguments and exhibits and solid data that can impact case themes, settlement options, trial strategy and jury selection.


  • “Years ago if you would have asked me if I thought focus groups were effective, I would have said ‘No.’ But after hiring Res Ipsa to conduct focus group work on several recent cases, it’s fair to say that I definitely see the value. Res Ipsa has consistently identified potential issues during their research work, which has helped our legal team develop a road map with various alternative strategies to use throughout discovery and up through trial. Res Ipsa has absolutely proven their worth.”
    - Jon Bailey, The Bailey Law Firm