Seminar SupportRecording of continuing education seminars and corporate events offer numerous opportunities to generate educational content essential for corporate websites, employee/staff training programs, prospective customer marketing initiatives and client outreach. Res Ipsa professional videographers can capture the pivotal elements – keynote speeches, lectures, meetings and tutorials – of any seminar or industry event, large or small, at a fraction of the cost incurred when engaging with hotel and event organizers. Our seminar support experience is extensive, in the legal industry and beyond – the Texas Pharmacy Association, Texas Land Title Association, Texas Trial Lawyers Association and the Center for American and International Law to name a few.

Res Ipsa specialists use only top-of-the-line audio and video equipment for on-site recording, and we also offer expert editing of all event video footage. We can integrate speaker presentation visuals (PowerPoint, etc.) into the video as well, and we deliver the finished video in USB flash drive, DVD or any other requested format.


  • “Res Ipsa is our partner behind the scenes that really helps make our member seminars run smoothly for not only our participants, but our speakers. I have yet to see a technical glitch or major technical obstacle they couldn’t handle - and no matter what the circumstances are surrounding the event - we always get quality video we can re-purpose and use for educational and promotional purposes. Res Ipsa is a long-time supporter of TEX-ABOTA and a trusted partner that we depend on greatly. ”
    - Dicky Grigg, Spivey & Grigg, LLP and former president of TEX-ABOTA