Creating a compelling narrative for a case is imperative to winning at trial. Well-documented research based upon the Story Model of juror decision-making tells us that jurors reach verdicts based upon the narrative – the story – they tell themselves about the many facts and arguments presented. What’s more, the first story they form in their minds is the means by which they filter all aspects of the case.

To win a case, attorneys must present the best stories, it’s that simple. Time and again, Res Ipsa has helped attorneys create the clear, powerful story that resonates with the jury and leads to the desired verdict. Based upon court documents such as pleadings, expert reports or depositions, we begin developing the story line for a case. Res Ipsa then integrates essential focus group findings to uncover key themes and, ultimately, create the narrative that wins the jury over.


  • “Res Ipsa is a fantastic ally in our litigated cases. They add tremendous value to our cases, not only because of the visual aspect of video and images, but because they have been in more trials than most lawyers and truly become a part of the team. They care. And the results show. ”
    - L. Todd Kelly, Carlson Law Firm