Corporate presentationWith more than 20 years of legal video experience, the Res Ipsa team drives the production of settlement video brochures from conception to completion, with little direction needed from our clients. Settlement video brochures are created as dramatic, stand-alone video documentaries, handed over by litigators to the opposing side before or during mediation with the goal of encouraging settlement. The videos are typically 15-30 minutes in length and include a compilation of interviews, photos and evidence that is tied together by a compelling narrative, sometimes utilizing professional voiceover for greater effect. The impact of these videos is often a critical component leading to settlement, as the strength and emotion of the case are conveyed persuasively to the opposing side.


  • “I have never seen anybody better than Res Ipsa at creating a new exhibit for me on the fly in the courtroom. Their expertise makes my job a lot easier. ”
    - Tom Watkins, Husch Blackwell