news shootingWhen conducting mock trials and focus groups, attorneys are sometimes constrained by the less-than-ideal facilities and locations available in small, isolated towns. Custom, fully outfitted facilities that can handle real-time distributed video environments in multiple rooms for mock trials and focus groups are rare or non-existent in small communities. Res Ipsa solves this problem for litigators with our unique ability to equip any size building for the task at hand, be it a hotel, office, church or school. Our trained technicians give attorneys the freedom to hold sophisticated mock trials and focus groups anywhere, complete with closed-circuit viewing.

Specifically, our technical team is able to hardwire the audio and video of a presentation to the observation room. We can also link multiple deliberation rooms directly to the observation room for real-time viewing by attorneys and vested parties. Simultaneous presentations and deliberations can be seen on multiple screens, with control over which rooms are watched, when and how often. Res Ipsa provides and manages all of the equipment, allowing attorneys and trial consultants to focus on preparation for the mock trial or focus group instead of the technical logistics.


  • “To put it simply, Res Ipsa takes care of business. They are professional, flexible, creative, technically-amazing, and can move on a dime. Their video production capabilities earn rave reviews as I’ve worked around attorneys for a number of years and have heard positive feedback about Res Ipsa time and time again. Res Ipsa has been a solid partner of mine for dozens of events and having them at any event ensures technical and/or video issues are not something I have to worry about. Res Ipsa is a trusted partner that always has my back. ”
    - Rhonda High, Houston Trial Lawyers Association