Res Ipsa’s premier service is the development of dynamic case presentations. Res Ipsa assists the client in preparing evidence for presentation by compiling, organizing, and coding the digital case collateral. After preparing an outline for each case issue, Res Ipsa constructs the presentation which usually includes a mix of audio, video, text, and images combined into a compelling digital presentation that tells the story of the case. In addition, Res Ipsa can help attorneys and paralegals create specialized exhibits such as bullet-point text, charts, graphs, and pre-treated images with annotations for a dramatic trial presentation.

During trial, our consultants will present the prepared case material as well as create on-the-fly presentations. Res Ipsa is able to search for, access, and rapidly display any piece of evidence, as needed at moment’s notice.

Equipment Rental

Res Ipsa will analyze the courtroom and provide the most effective equipment available to present your electronic evidence. We have all the necessary equipment such as projectors, multiple display monitors, laptops, Elmos, as well as other useful cables, switches and control devices. Our equipment can be rented by the day, week, or month. Should demands warrant you purchasing your own equipment, you’ll find our knowledgeable staff can help with choosing products from today’s leading manufacturers.