Res Ipsa dedicates a highly-skilled, professional team of videographers, editors, and audio/video specialists in order to provide the following services to our clients:

• Deposition Videography
• Video Inspections
• Multi-format Videotape Duplication
• Video Digitizing and MPEG Encoding
• CD/DVD Authoring and Duplication
• Settlement Documentaries
• Day-in-the-Life Documentaries

• Courtroom and Mediation Playback/Presentation
• Transcript Text-to-Video Synchronization (Time Stamping)
• Video Independent Medical Examinations
• Professional Non-Linear Video Editing

Our deposition kits include professional quality Sony DVCAM cameras, Shure microphone mixers, and multiple Sony Lavalier microphones. We use DVCAM format videotapes which provide superior video quality and reliability.
The Res Ipsa video team records video throughout the country.